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GLU Committee Representatives

Hunter Yaworski

Chair & AVP Labour
MA Student in Geography

Hunter is a Master of Arts student in Geography, studying the influence of the oil and gas industry in Alberta on environmental regulation. Hunter also completed a BSc in Geography and Anthropology at the University of Calgary. Early on in his undergraduate degree, Hunter became involved in various political and student organizations and communities. This includes a constituency association in Calgary Varsity, various student clubs, and the Faculty of Arts Student association. Hunter has also been involved in community activism across the city, including working as an organizer for Community Solidarity YYC. For fun, Hunter enjoys playing Warhammer 40k, Dungeons and Dragons, and playing with his heavy metal band.

Hunter wanted to join the LRC as VC Internal because he felt that his experience as an activist would help the LRC advocate for students, and because he sees the LRC as a real avenue for positive and tangible change for the graduate student body as a whole. Further, he supports the incredibly important and impactful role union mobilizing and organizing can have on improving the lives of its workers.

Alex Poppendorf

Vice-Chair Internal
Ph.D. Student in Education

Alex is an international student from the United States. Her master’s degree is in military history, and she will soon be in her third year of the PhD in educational leadership in the Werklund School of Education. After three years of teaching history in post-secondary and two years teaching kindergarten through 9th grade English in Japan, she moved to Canada in 2021 to begin her PhD. Because of her academic and cultural background, she’s deeply passionate about the experiences of international students and place-making in the academy. Alex’s research centers upon her homelands of Appalachia and the southern United States, and her dissertation topic engages in understanding the ways of being created by poverty and disenfranchisement and how those who are included in those categories make meaning in their lives. Her Appalachian homeland has a long history of labor organizing. Historically, fostering solidarity is a tool to ensure everyone is heard, and unions are essential for sheltering and amplifying repressed, marginalized, or silenced voices, which is why she joined union leadership. In her free time, she writes novels under a pseudonym. Alex looks forward to working with GLU leadership, the university, and graduate students to create a strong, vibrant, and healthy university community. 

Brittany Lindsay

Vice Chair Health & Safety
Arts Representative
PhD Candidate in Psychology

Brittany is a Ph.D. candidate in Experimental Social Psychology, and her research primarily focuses on mental illness and suicide stigma reduction, as well as mental health promotion in the postsecondary setting. She completed degrees in both Psychology (M.Sc., B.A.) and Mathematics (B.Sc.) at UCalgary, and has been a student and/or staff here since 2012! When she isn’t working on academics, she likes to go on little hikes with her family (partner Adam and rescue dog Mickey), cook and bake gluten-free (she is celiac), and listen to true crime podcasts.

Brittany is very passionate about mental health promotion, as well as teaching and learning, so becoming VC Health and Safety representing TAs and RAs was a natural fit for her skills and interests. The term “Health and Safety” includes physical health and safety in our workplaces, but also psychological health and safety, which can easily be overlooked. As VC Health and Safety, she aims to prioritize ALL health and safety, and help build a healthier workplace for our workers.

Karina Hincapie Martinez

Vice Chair EDI/International
Arts Representative
Ph.D. Student in Spanish Cultural Studies

Born in Caracas from Colombian parents, Karina completed her BA at Universidad Central de Venezuela. There, she was involved in many students’ groups and grew passionate about organizing collectively and creating community ties to build solidarity and strive for change. Currently, she is a Spanish PhD candidate at the University of Calgary. Her research focuses on interactions of adolescents in recent Latin American films using the Affect Theories and as a mechanism of reflection around vulnerability and belonging, with special interest in female agency and racialized identities.

Sally Talebloo

Vice Chair Communications
PhD Student in Geography

Sally is a Ph.D. student in geography with a focus on community resilience. She is deeply committed to exploring how communities can build resilience to the challenges they face, and at the core of her work is a belief that communities have the power to create positive change in their own lives and, by understanding their strengths, needs, and challenges, can work together to build stronger and more equitable communities. During her master’s in Malaysia, she volunteered to help immigrant Afghan ladies. Her role was counselling, providing emotional support, and working as a translator for them. To her, it was an inspiring experience to be a part of their journey, which taught her a lot about compassion, empathy, and the power of community. She also likes to hike and draw in her free time. She enjoys exploring new locations to experience the beauty of various landscapes, whether it’s a rocky mountain range or a beautiful forest.

As unions often provide a sense of community and solidarity, her passion for equity and community encouraged her to join the GLU. Being in a position of communication makes her more effective at gathering support, mobilizing members to take action, and raising awareness through social media.

Joshuah Lockett-Harris

Vice Chair Outreach
PhD Candidate in Anthropology & Archaeology

Josh is a fifth year PhD candidate in the Anthropology and Archaeology Department. His research focuses on the diachronic role of centrally placed civic ceremonial architecture in the perpetuation and transformation of ancient socio-political regimes in the Lowland Maya region of Mexico. Josh has over a decade of experience as a labour activist and organizer in Academia and private-sector archaeology. He is a strong advocate for student’s rights and has played a significant role in building the Graduate Labour Union’s growing Stewards Network. This network aims to embed knowledgeable advocates into every department of the university to help build a culture of transparency and tackle exploitation in the academic workplace.

Allan Lyons

Science Representative
PhD Student in Computer Science

Allan is a PhD student in Computer Science. His research is focused on security and privacy issues with a particular interest in how those relate to cell phone apps.

Anna Niedzwiecka

Science Representative
Ph.D. Student in Organic Chemistry

Anna is a first-year PhD student in Organic Chemistry. She joined the Ling Research Group in 2017 as an undergraduate summer student and has been researching the synthesis of antibacterial carbohydrate-based vaccines ever since. She also recently took on a project related to COVID-19 antiviral synthesis and is very excited to be part of this global research effort. When she is not in the lab, Anna likes to spend her time conquering new summits in the Rockies, preferably with her dog Meadow at her side.

Maya Stibbards-Lyle

Engineering Representative
MSc Student in Biomedical Engineering

Maya is an MSc student in biomedical engineering, studying the influence of mechanical forces on the development and progression of breast cancer. Maya grew up understanding the importance of labour rights, given that her family has benefitted from union participation for generations. She was born in Ontario and moved out West to fulfill her dream of living near the Rockies. Outside of school, she enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking and reading.