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About the Graduate Labour Union

As prescribed by the Alberta Labour Code and the Post-Secondary Learning Act, the GSA must function as a trade union for Academically Employed Graduate Students. This subset of graduate students who are Academically Employed is the Graduate Labour Union (GLU). 

The Graduate Labour Union Committee (GLUC, former Labour Relations Committee), chaired by the GSA AVP Labour, exists to carry out the trade union functions of the GSA.  GLUC represents, supports, and educates Academically Employed Graduate Students at the University of Calgary. This includes but is not limited to collective agreement negotiations, the handling of disputes with employers, and advocating for a high standard of graduate student employment.

If you have any questions or concerns about your working conditions or the Collective Agreement, contact

Finances and Operations

The Graduate Labour Union is governed by the GSA Bylaws and the GLU Terms of Reference.

The Graduate Labour Union collects a 0.5% levy from your earnings as a Graduate Assistant. These funds are used to ensure the Graduate Labour Union is able to advocate for your rights as workers, educate our members, and negotiate a better Collective Agreement going forward. Unused funds go towards our contingency fund, which consists of a legal fund and a strike fund.

Our annual budget can be found here: 2024 – 2025 Budget (pending a union dues referendum).

Our last financial statement can be found here: 2022 – 2023 Financial Statement

Past Budgets